Heading Towards the Fall Transition

Triticale goes to seed on our new 50 acre plot. (Photo by Cliff Cottage Collective)

Triticale goes to seed on our new 50 acre plot. (Photo by Cliff Cottage Collective)


Leaves are turning, breezes are cooling, and the farm is heading towards its fall transition this week.  Food abounds as we find ourselves in the first full week of September and it is difficult to choose what to eat!  The geese on the other hand seem to know exactly what to eat as the wildlife saga of 2016 continues.  We have been waiting all summer to let the triticale seed on our 50 acre plot go to seed so that we could mow it in hopes of re-establishment. Turns out the geese have been waiting all summer as well and it has been a real cocktail party out there ever since we cut it.  Every evening I hear them flying in for dinner and word travels fast...they are multiplying quickly!  If they weren't eating all the seed I would almost think it was funny listening to their conversations as they fly-in.  I swear one couple in particular was a bit lost, honking back and forth at each other about needing to stop for directions. 

I, like the geese, am also fattening up for winter.  Fall is a time for rich full flavors and good smells permeating from the kitchen.  Tomato and fennel pie baked with a hearty rye crust in a well seasoned cast iron skillet.  Serve with a fresh arugula salad or braised fall greens it will make you want to pull out the wool and put away the whites.  Maybe cook down some tomatoes and peppers into a nice thick paste.  Add some black beans and spinach and serve over piping hot polenta.  Pickle some hot peppers and add them to your grilled tomato and eggplant panini... or your homemade pizza.  Oven fries and  a side of kale or dragon lingerie beans complete a farmer's happy meal....try serving your burger Aussie style with a grilled beet, cut thin and grill over med-high for 30 min.  Or better yet, make veg burgers with shredded kale, carrots, and beets.  Its always latke season here on our farm, but now is the time for homemade apple sauce and maple syrup. Traditionally made with potatoes, but can be done with almost any shredded vegetable.  Get creative, its the best time of year.

I have had a couple of folks looking for the link to the farm dinner on September 25th, so I am sending it out again.  I was just discussing the menu with the chef and it looks to be stupendous, especially dessert, so don't miss out!  Purchase tickets here.  We hope to see some of you there!

See you all soon,

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