Totally Tomatoes

Hello Y'all,
I hope this cloudy morning is treating you all well and invoking feelings of the autumn season that we all know is just around the corner.  Just as we were seemingly settled into the summer schedule, the school buses have began to show up again and we have to readjust to a new routine.   Late summer early fall is my favorite season on the farm.  It reminds me of an ant hill or a bee hive, everyone just buzzing along happily bringing in the harvest.  It happens to be the best time to eat too.  It is a magical month when the stars (or the weather), align and we are blessed with almost every type of food that can be grown in our high desert climate.  Although we are still just finishing up most of our summer planting, it won't be long now before all we do is harvest, harvest, harvest.  Hoping you will all still find time to come down to the market stand as the eating doesn't get much better than the next 6 weeks.

We are totally tomatoes this week.  Cherry, heirloom and romas are all in full swing.  Simmer down some heirloom 2nds and freeze some tomato jam for the winter.  Roast cherry tomatoes with basil and herbs and squirrel them away in your freezer.  Peel romas and can them for your fall pantry.  Salsa season is here, don't delay.  We have onions, garlic and hot peppers for your fiesta needs.  Sad to report there will be no head lettuce this week.  The deer are out smarting us and finding new ways to get to the lettuce every day. We are a bit desperate for a bow hunter, so if anyone can get their hands on a left over tag or wants to use their local tag to help their local farmers, the venison should be good...wild crafted on a diet of organic lettuce, peaches, apples, and tomatoes.  Italy, eat your heart out. Potatoes are back at the market.  We have officially ran out of space on our farm for main season potatoes so we have partnered with another local farm this year that specializes in the crop.  Although we are sad to have less potatoes in our field this year, it feels good to be able to support other local farms that happen to grow better spuds than us anyway.  Don't worry, they are still a family farm and the potatoes are certified organic.  Learn more about Strohauer Farms here.  

Apologies for those of you who tried to sign up for the dinner on the 25th and found yourselves flummuxed by the required vegan or vegetarian options.  The problem is solved now and we are excited for the up coming event.  Be sure to get your tickets early as our PVCF events tend to sell out!

See you you all real soon!

This Week's Harvest
cherry tomatoes
roma tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Bell Peppers
Hot Peppers
Yellow Onion
Eggplant, Asian and Italian
Lemon Cucumber
Slicing Cucumber
Summer Squash/Zucchini
Pickling Cucumber