Can you can?

The "Can you can?" Challenge is on!

The "Can you can?" Challenge is on!

Hello Folks,

It's week 15 on the farm! We've finally turned the tomato corner and we are on the down hill from here on out.  I'm sure many of you have mixed emotions about that, but frankly we here at the farm are somewhat relieved.  We love tomatoes as much as you all, but it was a little out of control for a while and we are happy to be able to catch up on some farm work other than the run away tomato train.  Don't fret too much as we still have plenty of tomato time ahead of us and we will still be offering bulk options at the market for a few more weeks.  Our new slogan compliments of our working member Andy is the "Can you Can" challenge and we are counting on many of you to dust off your ball jars, roll up your sleeves, and turn up the kitchen heat for the last push of roma tomatoes. Don't miss your opportunity to put some away for winter!

Signs of late summer and early autumn are everywhere now and as we round the bend to September, I start to actually feel giddy about all the amazing food combinations that come along with this month.  As most of you already know, it is my favorite time of year to eat locally.  It is the great flavor overlap, the time when summer melts into fall and you can create things in your kitchen that are not usually possible unless you live in California.  The prospect of going to bed every night of the month fat and happy is something I look forward to all year long and although I am not expecting you all to hold as much culinary enthusiasm as I do for the month of September, I hope that you folks are at least a little excited for all that this time of year has to offer.

The first leeks will be appearing at the market stand this week and I am thrilled.  Second only to shallots (and you all know how I feel about shallots), they are my favorite allium.  It is long season crop but unlike its cousin the onion, the leak does not store for a long period of time is better when used fresh.  I have no problems cutting up leeks, tossing them in a skillet and eating them as a veggie side for dinner.  Arugula and balsamic are great adds to this dish, but we will have to wait another week before the farm arugula is ready. We were over at a neighbors for dinner this week and she stuffed some of our Carmen peppers with pork and onions, but I couldn't help thinking how awesome the dish would have been with leeks.  I actually really love the flavor of raw leeks and will chop them up and add them to a hardy autumn salad.  Our leeks are extra tall, and you can use most of the stalk when you are cooking with them, not just the white part of the stem.  The other great part about the leek is its tendency to inspire puns...which I will spare you all most of my "best" ones, and leave you with just one.  Don't be afraid to take the leek.  

Just a reminder that the time is NOW to secure your winter vegetable share.  I don't want anyone to miss out on eating fresh and local all winter long and we always sell out.  I've been sleuthing around at other winter farm shares in other parts of the country and have come to the conclusion that with the exception of California, we have a really awesome winter take advantage!  Be sure to sign up online or grab a paper application at the market.  This year we are offering an extremely limited amount of small(er) winter shares, so if this interests you, make sure to sign up today before they run out.

 Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!



This Week's Harvest

  • Kale

  • Chard

  • Head Lettuce

  • Beets

  • Carrots

  • Sweet Onions

  • Summer Squash (Garden Sweet)

  • Zucchini (some Garden Sweet)

  • Fingerling Potato Mix (Strohaur farm)

  • Sweet and Hot Peppers

  • Heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes 

  • Roma Tomato Boxes

  • Green and Yellow Beans

  • Eggplant

  • Cucumbers

  • Flower Bouquets

  • Leeks