The 7th inning stretch

photo by Jimena Peck

photo by Jimena Peck

Hi-Ya Folks!

Weeks are flying by as we enter 7th inning stretch here at the farm and we are starting to scurry around not unlike squirrels, fortifying our dens and stashing food away for the long winter.  Week 18 has the farm changing from late summer to early fall food, and while there will still be some summer fruits trickling in for the next few weeks, we are seeing a huge slow down from these plants that have been working hard all summer to provide us with their bounty. But not to fear, we have lots of great fall veggies that are rising to the occasion to take their place.  Week 18 has also brought along some less than ideal storms for this time of year and last Wednesday's storm left the farm a bit of a mess.  The torrential rains and hail damaged some of the more delicate crops like the salad mix that we were planning to have for y'all at the market this week.  Please be patient with us while we wait for things to bounce back a bit from the storm.


Broccoli is back for the fall and as Bill and Ted would say, it is most triumphant.  There is something so satisfying for a farmer about a big, beautiful head of broccoli and we are looking forward to sharing it with you all.  Try roasting some with leeks, fennel and cherry tomatoes serve it over some creamy polenta and white beans. It also does well in soup or in quiche.  Spinach is big and abundant right now...perfect for a big pot of saag paneer.  Served with some curried eggplant and warm naan, it will be great for those nights that are starting to dip into the 40s.   Red cabbage is here and is lovely for braising.  Dust off your dutch oven and slow cook it with some sliced fennel and onion.  Top with some apple cider vinegar and serve with some good pork tenderloin.

The chili roasting date has been set!  We will be hauling the roaster down to the Odell's patio on Friday, September 28th for a collaboration event with The Regional, a new restaurant that is opening in Fort Collins in October.  Chef Kevin Grossi will be cooking veggies from our farm and pork from Jodar farm over an open flame to get the word out about his new shop and we will be roasting chilies for folks that would like to take some home.  The event starts at 5 and goes til close, so come down, get a beer, some chilies (you can put them on your account) and some food if you'd like and enjoy a beautiful autumn evening with your community.  Poudre Valley Community Farms will also be at the event, so if you would like to learn more about the Land Cooperative, it is a great opportunity to chat with board members and see how you can get involved.  I have attached a flyer to the end of this email with some more details.

Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!


This Week's Harvest


Collard Greens

Swiss Chard

Red Butter Lettuce 



Spicy Mix





Sweet and Hot Peppers



Red and Green Cabbage


Red and Yellow Onions

Cherry Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes (Strohour Farms)