Prepping for Winter's Rest

Eat your Native Hill greens all year long!

Eat your Native Hill greens all year long!

Greeting's Y'all!

December is here along with very seasonal temperatures...which is ideal for gathering in a warm, cozy pub, visiting with friends and bringing some light into these dark days.  It seems this time of year one must work a little bit harder to escape the gravitational pull of staying home when it gets dark, so really its quite lucky that we all have a reason to be out tonight! Aside from catching up on some socialization,  this is the time of year farmers are able to review the summer season, organize the financial picture, and start figuring out how to keep farming another year.  In between catching up on the business side of things, we have been prepping fields for their winter's rest and doing some last minute frost seeding before for the ground completely freezes...and of course harvesting greens for y'all.

Your boxes this week have all my favorite things to make warm, cozy and gasp, healthy food.  After a week of visiting family, there is nothing like coming home to a plant based diet and feeling like all is right in the world again.  All I want to eat this time of year is roasted vegetables, which is convenient because we have a lot of roots right now.  They are fast, healthy and delicious and the perfect way to make quick meals during the craziness of the holiday event season.  Serve them as a side, on a salad, or as the main event over a warm, nutty bowl of quinoa and don't think about it too much.  Root veggies in general are not always the most beautiful of the produce world and celeriac might be the oddest looking of them all.  For all its ugly, it is actually quite versatile and I for one consider it the work horse of winter cooking.  It can be shredded, mashed, pureed or just diced to give your soup or stew that nutty celery flavor. Watermelon radishes are sure to be a hit at any holiday gathering.  Aside from a few varieties of tomatoes, they are the only pink vegetable that I know of and really add the "piz-azz" to a winter salad or veggie tray. You can choose to peel them or not but they shine when eaten raw.  I like to add them to a good winter slaw with cabbage and carrots or pickle them and serve with Thai food.  

Just a reminder to please bring any wax boxes lurking in garages, mud-rooms or basements.  We need them to keep the veggies goin' round!

Looking Forward to Seeing many of you soon!


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