Farm Land Expansion Update

A rendering of the ag-centered Montava development, which will include a 40-acre farm. (Photo: Montava)

A rendering of the ag-centered Montava development, which will include a 40-acre farm. (Photo: Montava)

Hello Folks,

Please excuse an extra email this week, but I wanted to give y'all an update about our farm expansion and let you know how you can get involved if you are available. 

As many of you know in the spring of 2017, after several years of working on purchasing land for a much needed permanent home for the farm we had an eleventh hour issue with the new farm land and the deal fell through. Since then, we have been actively working on plan B and have decided to work with a company that is planning to build a new community development in the last large tract of farm land in the City of Fort Collins.  The planned community is called Montava and they are currently working toward a sustainable development that is centered around a working farm.  They have agreed to sell Poudre Valley Community Farms 40 acres of prime farm land in order to create an ag-centered, sustainable community.  There are many other innovative and exciting things about this planned community such as energy conserving homes, affordable housing, raw water irrigation, planned natural areas and parks.  You can learn more about the concept on their website here.

We are excited about this new opportunity to be a part of a forward thinking, sustainable, planned community and hope that we will be able to take the next steps towards acquiring the land.  Montava is working diligently with the city and its now time for preliminary plans to be approved by City Council. 

As always, thank you all for your support for the farm and if you can't make this opportunity, we anticipate other important meetings to follow so you can make your voice heard then. 


Katie and Nic and the Native Hill Farm Crew

P.S. In case anyone is worried, we will still be Native Hill Farm and we will still continue to serve the larger community of Fort Collins (aka those of you who have made the farm what it is today)...we will just have secure access to farm land and water and be better, more sustainable farmers by doing so.