Give your Famers a high five today!

Inside the lettuce fortress: We planted our next succession of head lettuce and harvested our first succession of carrots today! See y'all at the market!

Inside the lettuce fortress: We planted our next succession of head lettuce and harvested our first succession of carrots today! See y'all at the market!

Good Morning Folks!

And what a good morning it is!  The cloud cover and cooler temps feel so luxurious this morning, I just want to swim around in it until my fingers get all pruney and hope that the feeling sticks with me when we are back in the 90s. It is just what we needed, a break from the heat and the grind of July. I say it every year, so why change now, July is tough for farmers.  It is the crux of the climb, the time when you get your grit.  The time when everything seems like it is going wrong and you are just putting out fires, hoping to make it to August harvest time.  The stress is tremendous and everyone is feeling to some degree "hissed" (our combination of hot and pissed).  Coolers can't keep up, irrigation pumps are breaking (because they are running around the clock), and the pest pressure is intense.  Luckily there is swimming.  I often think back to 2012 when there wasn't any swimming in July, when it was 103 degrees and the ash from the fires made the river black and uninviting...and I'm reminded that we'll get through it just fine.   BUT, if you are feeling up for it, give your farmers a high-five today and let them know they are doing a good job.  They deserve it!

Carrots are back on the farm this week and they should be here to stay for a while.  I probably don't need to talk too much about what to do with fresh carrots, but in case you what to spice them up a bit, make some delicious dipping sauce.  Andrea Bemis has a very simple recipe for garlic herb butter that she swears is great for dipping all veggies.  (butter, shockingly good). Why not ditch the ranch and chop up some fresh cucumbers, carrots, and turnips and let folks go nuts.  Walla Walla onions are ready this week.  These early sweet onions are super on the grill, but really make you want some onion rings.  Don't have a fry daddy? Yeah, we don't either, those things just make it too tempting to fry everything.  Instead, make a simple batter with beer and flour and do a light version on the stove, only a little oil needed.  If storing longer than a couple days, keep the Walla Walls in the fridge as they are a fresh onion that has not been cured and they will not do great on your counter.  Broccoli is back this week and we are overloaded.  We combined two plantings in May when it had been too wet to get into our fields and now we have a tsunami.  Please email me if you would like to get some bulk broccoli for freezing, it is 2.00 per lb for 10lb or more (normally $3.25 at the market).  Just let me know which market you would like to pick it up at and I will have it packed up and ready to go when you get there. 

Finally, I'm sure many of you have seen the gorgeous flower bouquets at the market stand this year.  Please feel free to pick some up and put them on your market accounts.  Olivia, our dedicated flower farmer has been working hard to bring you beautiful, organic flowers and we hope you will treat yourself.  (they are almost as good as swimming when it comes to vanquishing the July blues...although those blues might just be reserved for farmers).  She also does weddings and other special events, so feel free to spread the word!

See you all real soon!



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