Food is Abundant. Come get it!

Photo by Farmer Olivia.

Photo by Farmer Olivia.

Good Morning Folks!
Your farmers have their summer whites and sun hats laid out and are ready to kick off the summer in patriot spirit this weekend.  Late May on the vegetable farm is a pleasant time.  Mornings are cool and spritely and afternoons are breezy with a chance of showers.  The hoes seem to need constant sharpening as we fend off our new plants from the quickly infiltrating weed invasion.  Peas are getting trellised, peppers and eggplants are settling into their new homes, beet greens soar taller by the day, and tiny cucumbers and squash are appearing on our first planting of cucurbits.  ahhh, spring.


Kermit the frog would have a tough time with all the greens that are bursting from the stand these days.  We are starting to see the first of the bunched greens come off the farm and although you might describe these guys as "hardy" there is nothing about them that is tough this time of year.  The cooler months are the best time for these guys because they maintain the sugars in their leaves.  Save the summer kale for chips and use the spring kale for salads or sides.  Don't fear the collard greens.  Often passed by as kale's bitter step child, these  babies are heavenly in eggs and curries.  Alice Waters likes to chiffonade them and sauté with some mustard seeds, red onion, and coconut oil.  Rainbow chard goes well over polenta.  It also makes a delicious salad when finely ribboned and dressed with a sweet lemon vinaigrette.  Goat cheese paneer with spinach was on our menu this week.  101 cook books had a great recipe, check it out here: 

Hakurei salad turnips make their debut this week.  Mild and sweet, these guys are usually eaten raw, but could be lightly cooked in a stir fry or sautéed and dressed with butter and mustard.  Eat the turnip greens, they are fantastic. Broccoli raab goes well with spicy sausage.  It is also nice alone, steamed with some malt vinegar and good salt. 

Food is abundant.  Come get it.  Your body will thank you later.  

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon,

This Week's Harvest

Salad Mix
Spicy Mix
Rainbow Chard
Collard Greens
Hakurei Salad Turnips
Broccoli Rabe
Pea Shoots