Week 1: The Wait is Over!

The first harvest of the 2015 summer season! (photo credit: Claire Burnett/BoHo Photography)

The first harvest of the 2015 summer season! (photo credit: Claire Burnett/BoHo Photography)

The wait is finally over and 24 weeks of fresh and tasty produce start this SATURDAY, MAY 16th! We will be at the Larimer County Farmer's Market at the corner of Mountain and Howes from 8am to 12pm, so be sure to stop by if you are in town and pick up some fresh spring greens for your weekend dining plans (and tell your friends to come too!).  
Also starting Saturday, our farm stand will be OPEN DAILY, so if you signed up for the farm stand option, feel free to stop by any time between 8am and 6pm to pick up some vegetables.  We will also have a few veggie starts at the stand and if this appeals to you, feel free to pick some up and just put them on your account as you would veggies.  
The stand at Beavers market will start NEXT WEDNESDAY, May 20th.  We will be there from 4-7pm. 
If you were not able to make it to the member mixer on April 30th, please take a moment to review the member manual that is posted on our website. The changes for 2015 are highlighted in yellow and mostly apply to folks using the farm stand option.  If you signed up for this option, please check out those pick-up procedures ahead of time as the stand is un-manned and their may or may not be someone around to answer your questions.

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon!

P.S. Don't forget to bring your reusable grocery bags to all pick ups (markets and farm stand!)

This Week's Harvest:

Salad Mix
Tuscan and Curly Kale
Rainbow Chard
Pea shoots

Farmer's Tips:


Be sure to wash all of your produce when you get home from market.  Store all fresh greens in plastic bags in your fridge.  Your crisper is actually a wilter if you do not use a plastic bag.

Delecate greens like arugula and salad mix can be rinsed and then dried in a salad spinner. If their is excess moister, you can add a paper towel to the bag for the longest shelf life.  Cut herbs can be put in a glass of water on your counter like cut flowers OR can be stored in a plastic bag in your fridge.