2015 Reflections and Future Opportunities

Poudre Valley Community Farms (photos by Claire Burnett)

Poudre Valley Community Farms (photos by Claire Burnett)

Dear Friends and CSA Members,

With the forecast for today looking cool and wet, it seems like a sign that our summer CSA program is heading to a close. That's right folks, we have reached the last week of our 24 week program which means its is time to harvest fall carrots, plant garlic, and clean up the fields for winter.  We always like to take this time to let you all know how much we appreciate your dedication and support of local agriculture and we hope you have enjoyed the ride on the roller coaster of seasonal eating as much as we have.  We couldn't do it without your support upfront and feel honored that you have chosen Native Hill to grow clean, healthy food for your families.  Its is time for another winter season of virtual farming and reflection...speaking of...
Reflections: For 7 years we have been bringing healthy food to our community.  We have gotten to know many of you well, seen your families grow and change.  Every year we are amazed by the dedication, support, and enthusiasm that all of you bring to the farm and we feel as though together we are creating the community that we want to live in. 
Over the years we have also seen several other wonderful CSA farms come and go.  The common problem has been long term access to farmland in the Northern Colorado and many farmers have quit or moved to other places where farmland is more affordable.  Every year we talk about solving this problem, not just for us but for farmers across the country.  We have farmed on 5 different properties in 7 years with the hopes of staying in this community that we love and that supports us.  Its finally time for us to make some big decisions  about the future of the farm here in Northern Colorado and we need your help making those decisions.  

The small picture is this:  We are taking a leap and asking our community to support a permanent home for the farm through community owned farmland. We believe folks value access to clean, healthy, local food and will show it by investing in farmland to lease back to farms.  
This big picture is this: This is not just for the future of Native Hill!  With every hour that goes by, American looses 50 acres of prime farmland soil to development and mining. Communities near and far are watching the progress of this innovative project with the hopes that its success will create a new tool to preserve ag land and help first generation farmers gain access to land. This is big! Big enough to not be able to fit all the exciting details of this project in one email... 
Intrigued yet? Need more details? Stop in to our open house event to learn more about Poudre Valley Community Farms, your community's new LAND CO-OP Tuesday, October 27th from 4:30-6:30pm at the Old Town Public Library.  Never heard of a Land Coop?  Not surprising because as far as we know, it is an innovative idea that is the first  of its kind in the country!  After 8 months of due diligence we have doted our Is and crossed our Ts (well, at least the ones we could foresee), and are ready to start accepting memberships.  There are many ways to get involved that range from becoming a member-owner to just getting the word out about this awesome project in your community.  We hope that you will be able to join us!  
CSA 2016 and outstanding Invoices: For those of you who are signed up for the winter CSA, we will see you in 2 weeks!  For everyone else, please look for an email about 2016 summer CSA programs coming to your inbox in the new year.  For those of you who owe money on your accounts, please look for final account balances to come out after this final week of pick-ups.  
Again, we thank you all for another wonderful season and look forward to a quiet and restful winter!



This Week's Harvest:


Head Lettuce
Roasted Green Chilies