A New Season Begins!


It was great to see many of you at our first Wednesday market and we hope to see many more at the Saturday markets. As all springs, this one has been uniquely the same as all the other springs....or at least that is what we decided yesterday while harvesting your kale.  You never know what the weather or the season is going to do, but you are always prepared to for the chaos.  This spring has been a bit of a roller coaster.  Just when you think it is taking a turn toward stability, it changes its mind and decides to snow.  We haven't had a frost in weeks and now...snow!  Spring 1, farm 0.


For those of you who have been with us for some time, you know how the season always starts with leaves!  As much as we might want to do something different, maybe start with tomatoes or carrots, we are at the mercy of plant biology and will always have to start with leaves.  Lucky for us, the leaf portion of our season is quite delicious and in case you are still looking to slim down for that summer swim suit season that is right around the corner (supposedly), mother nature will oblige you in those goals. 

Pasta or pizza with wilted arugula and green garlic, spicy salad mix with pea shoots, dried figs, and a green garlic dressing, tahini herbed butter served with radishes and sea salt...yes please.  Tip on the green garlic: it is young, undivided garlic cloves.  It is more mild than cured garlic and you can use all of the garlic up to where the first leaves branch off.  Just chop it up and add it to the pan towards the end of the cooking process to ensure the most flavor.

See you soon!


This Week's Harvest




Spicy Salad Mix

Salad Mix



Pea shoots (reduced yields due to deer pressure)

Green garlic

Happy New Year - 2017 CSA Now Open!

Cheers! 2017 CSA now open! (Photo by cliff cottage collective)

Cheers! 2017 CSA now open! (Photo by cliff cottage collective)

Happy New Year Folks!

We trust you are all enjoying the quiet of winter and hope you were able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.  Now that the days are officially getting lighter, your farmers are working hard to ramp up for the 2017 growing season.  This means purchasing supplies, fixing broken equipment, and combing seed catalogs for interesting new varieties of vegetables that we think might grow well in our Colorado home.  In just a short while, we will be firing up the greenhouse and starting many of the seedlings that will eventually turn into sweet, juicy August fruit.  In order to make this all happen, we count on CSA folks like you to help us get a head start on the season.  How is that you ask?  By purchasing your vegetables in January, you are making August tomatoes a reality and sharing the risk and rewards of local agriculture with your fellow community members.  Not only do you receive delicious, local produce for your up front support, but you also receive a 10% off of our market prices for your commitment.

There are two ways to sign up for your 2017 market CSA share.  You can sign up electronically here and pay via a credit card. You can also sign up for the 2017-2018 winter CSA at the same time or wait until we get a little closer to the new season...say around August.  Our 2016 members will have until January 31st to guarantee their spots in our 2017 summer program. After that, you can still sign up and receive your 10% discount as along as long as there are shares available, but we will not longer be holding a spot for you.


Quick Farm Update:

We anticipate another great growing season for 2017.  We are moving into the digital age here on the farm, with things like a - wait for it...gasp - a Facebook page and an electronic point of sales system that will make our CSA accounting much more efficient and less prone to errors.  For those of you who are like farmer Nic and like to geek out on farm equipment, we are also purchasing an antique root harvester that should help us grow more of our famous carrots in hopes of having them all winter. Finally, for those of you tracking with Poudre Valley Community Farms, our land cooperative project, we are in the final stages of securing our first land purchase.  We are hoping to be at the closing table come March! 

We hope you will join us for another great season, please email info@nativehillfarm or call us at 970-980-1366 if you have any questions!

Native Hill Farm

Thank you for a wonderful season!

Thank you for a great season! We love feeding you!

Thank you for a great season! We love feeding you!

Greeting Y'all,
We made it!  Phew!  The last week of the 2016 market CSA season is here and we are a jumble of mixed emotions on the farm.  We are always bummed when the season ends because we miss the warm days, farm food, and getting to see all of you great folks at the market; however, we have a lot of responsibility to keep you all fed and so there is a little relief when we have completed another market season and feel as if we left you fat and happy for the winter (fat is a figure of speech).  To quote Dennis Stenson, the end of the season for us at Native Hill is a bit like juggling while sprinting.  We have to stay focused on getting out the last of our market stuff but still be getting ready for our winter obligations.  There is a lot of food to get into storage before the snow flies and a seemingly narrow windows to make it happen.  We have hundreds of pounds of garlic to plant, thousands of pounds of roots to dig, wash, and store, and tunnel greens to seed and weed.  Our goal is to get it all done before Thanksgiving, but sometimes we are even more rushed depending on the first storm.  Time will tell!

We'd like to thank you all for a really wonderful season.  As Wendell Berry says, "eating is an agricultural act" and we are grateful to have each of you supporting local agriculture.  We recognize that it is not the most convenient choice to join a CSA for your vegetable needs, but we hope the pros of eating fresh and supporting local, organic farmers make up for the trouble and we hope that you will join us again next season. 

Shares for the 2017 season will go on sale next January, so keep an eye out for an email at that time.  If you want to share the farm love, gift certificates to the market stand or towards CSA shares are available for the holiday season.  Its a great way to keep your loved ones healthy and to support a local, sustainable business.  

For those of you who are not participating in the winter CSA, you can find winter staples from Native Hill at the Winter Market in the Opera Galleria.  We will be there Nov-March, just look for the Native Hill banner.  The first market is Nov 5th and runs 9am-1pm. 

Thank you all again!
Katie, Nic, and the Native Hill Team

This Week's Harvest
Spicy Mix
Broccoli Rabe
Head Lettuce