Frequently Asked Questions


How much does one share cost?

  •  Small Share, ideal for single folks: $300.00 + $15 application fee = $315 Total ~ $12.50 per wk*  
  •  Medium Share, ideal for couples: $400.00 + $15 application fee = $415 Total ~$16.67 per wk*
  •  Large Share, ideal for families, vegetarian couples, or "Foodies": $500.00 + $15 application fee = $ 515 Total ~$20.83 per wk
  •  Farm Stand addition $24 (or 1$ per week)

*Does not include member discount of 10%

How much produce can I get with my share?

Although the possible produce combinations are seemingly endless, here is what your produce basket may look like after a visit to our stand if you stick to a weekly allowance:
· Small Share: ½ lb salad mix, 1 bunch carrots, 1 lb tomatoes, 2 cucumber
· Medium Share: ½ lb salad mix, 1 bunch carrots, 1 lb tomatoes, 3/4 lb green bean, 1 lb summer squash
· Large Share: ½ lb salad mix, 1 bunch carrots, 1 lb tomatoes, 1 bunch swiss chard, 1 lb new potatoes, 1 lb summer squash, 1 cucumber

*Includes member discount

Where can I use my produce account?

You can use your produce account at our weekly farmer's market. It is on Saturday mornings from 8-12pm at the Larimer County Courthouse located at Howes and Oak .  

In addition, for only 1$ more per week, you can sign up for the farm stand option and come out to the farm any day of the week from 8-6pm and pick up produce from the farm stand located at 2100 County Road 54G. You can still come to the Saturday market, but the stand option give you the opportunity to be flexible if you are traveling a lot in the summer or have scheduling conflicts with our market times. See more about the farm stand option below.

Why an application fees?

The application/administration fee of $15 covers the cost of processing applications and keeping up with the extra accounting required by the Market CSA program.  There is no administration fee for the Winter CSA program.

How long do I have to use my produce balance?

You will have 24 glorious weeks to obtain the freshest, tastiest produce that can be grown on our farm.  Weather permitting, our first pick up day is scheduled for the Larimer County Farmers market on May 19th.  The last pickup date will be at the Larimer County Farmers Market on October 27th. We do our best to be at the first and last markets of the season but each season’s weather is quite different and we will keep our members up to date about the start and end dates of the CSA season. Cross your fingers for a great 2018 season!

What is the Farm Stand option?


This year we will again be offering our CSA members the additional option of picking up produce with their account at our Farm Stand. The Farm Stand is open from 8am till 6pm everyday of the week! We have a big reach in refrigerator in the stand to the produce fresh. The farm is located 4.5 miles from Old Town FoCo at the northwest corner of N. Taft Hill Rd and County Road 54G (old hwy 287). We usually have the same things available at the farm stand as we do at the markets, but there will  be some exceptions based on parishability and availability.  The farm stand option is great for folks that live close by, travel a lot in the summer or have a regular conflict with our market days. 

The Native Hill Farm address is 2100 CR 54G Ft. Collins, CO 80524

What if I come to the Market at the last minute and there isn't much produce left?

That means we had a great day at market! But it also means you will have to come a bit earlier to assure that you have all the available produce to choose from for your CSA share. Based on member feedback we are asking our CSA members to consider the first 3 hours of market as the CSA pick up window. You can still come at the last minute and grab something for that week but we may be sold out of many items.

What if there is a natural disaster or it hails at the Farm?

As the main concept of a community supported agriculture program, you are sharing in the risk and rewards of growing food in Northern Colorado. Because we do not run a typical CSA program, we have built in a hail clause allowing for our CSA members to share this risk with us. If we get a devastating weather event and are unable to go to market or have to go to market with severely reduced harvest, we will deduct the amount of an average week (amounts are above) from everyone’s CSA accounts. This policy allows us to be a more robust farm and make farming in Northern Colorado a more sustainable business. Thanks for your understanding.

What is the pick-up procedure?

Here is how it works:

1. Pick out the produce you would like in the quantities that you would like using our shopping baskets
2. Bring basket to check out table and give the check out person your market card and reusable bags
3. The friendly checkout person will bag your produce, add up your total, and enter it right into our electronic system so that you have a real time account balance whenever you would like it (and we will not have to waste paper or spend hours updating accounts every week).

What happens if I just can't get enough of your tasty veggies and I zero out my account before the season ends?

Have no fear! We do not encourage you to ration your veggie intake, rather we will be happy to add more money to your account at any point during the season as well as extend your 10% discount to any amount added.

What happens if I cant't use all my account balance before the season ends?

Although we hope that one will not deprive themselves of delicious, pre-bought produce, we understand that life happens. We will be happy to donate your existing balance in the form of produce to the Larimer County Food Bank and the Native Hill Shared Share program.

Do you offer work shares?

Yes! Please click here to learn more about our Working Membership program.

What other perks do I get as a member?

You will receive a weekly farm eNewsletter about what will be at market and what is happening on the farm plus weekly recipes on how to cook what is being harvested that week. We will plan on monthly farm tours for CSA members starting in July and ending in Sept.