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Other benefits incurred by choosing to intern at Native Hill include our location to Fort Collins and to mountain activities. We boast a fabulous culture of bikes and beer and for good reason. The farm is located just one mile from the nearest bike path and from there it is only a 10-15 minute ride into Old  Town. Fort Collins is the self-proclaimed microbrewery capital of the U.S.  If you can’t find a preferred locally brewed beverage here, you probably don’t like beer. The farm is located 15 minutes from the mouth of the Poudre canyon which has world class boating, excellent hiking trails, and great sport and trad climbing.  It is also within a 10 minute drive to both State, County, and City run parks that offer great bouldering, mountain biking, and trail running. Just make sure you bring your sunscreen and your wide-brimmed hat as we have over 300 days of sunshine here!